Our services are tailored to meet your needs. We basically have two main services: Home Schooling and Home Tuition has indicated below.

Home Schooling

Homeschooling simply means: Schooling your child at home without sending him/her to a private or public school. We will Supply all teaching material needed for the tuition at a cost.

Reasons Why Parents Choose Home Schooling.

Every child is unique.

It is geared toward specific goals for the child future right from inception.

The syllabus is structured to suit the child academic needs.

Tuitions are tailored to suit the child academic status.

Children may have other special needs.

Child has a physical or mental health problem.

For Religious or moral reasons.

Dissatisfaction with the school's academic instruction.

Home Tutors Ghana provides the best Home Schooling service in the country

Home Tuition

Home tuition is a personalized service that remedies academic challenges, ”Fill the pot holes” and enhances academic performance.

Reasons why Students must be Supported at home

School Teachers have too many classes and too little time for whence are not able to meet individual students attention.

Students who are slow learners with short attention span surfer’s a lot if not supported at home by a professional Home tutor for extra  push.

Flexibility is also another advantage of Home tuition because the tutor teaches according to the pace of the student and is not in a rush to  finish the syllabus, as the class teachers are.

If the student is tied down in a particular topic, the home tutor will concentrate on it until it's cleared up.

 Conversely, if the student races through a section, the tutor can provide an extra impetus by teaching beyond the textbooks.